Road Riot 4WD Atari

Ruig Race arcade spel 1991
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Race met de 4wheel buggie arcade en schiet op je mede weggebruikers om te winnen.   

Road Riot 4WD is a video game that was originally released in 1991 for video arcades
  Players control four-wheel drive dune buggies equipped with weapons.

After conquering the basic track, players will have to navigate through 11 additional tracks in order to win the championship.

The locations are Saudi ArabiaIowa,AfricaSwiss AlpsBaja MexicoAntarcticaOhioLas VegasNew JerseyCalifornia and Australia.

A player has to beat three vehicles in order to win the race.

An infinite amount of missiles is used to knock opponents out of the way.

Crashing into certain obstacles will allow the player to collect extra points.